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Portugal Report, September 2010:
"Algarve mit norddeutschem Import"

Entrevista com o
"Algo mais que simples folk irlandes"

"Entdecken Sie Algarve" (revista alema do algarve):
"Folk-Musik in der Algarve"

televisao alemao
"NDR Schleswig-Holstein-Magazin", 8.12.2005:

Lübecker Nachrichten, 22.11.2005:
"Neue CD: Glenfiddle präsentiert Folk vom Feinsten"

"Glenfiddle presented a far-reaching, varied programme that kept the audience from the first 'I wish l was' till the last 'Farewell' in suspense." (Lübecker Nachrichten)

"Folk-music at its best!" (Die Küste)

"With the appearance of Glenfiddle nobody could stay seated!" (Holstein Courier)

"Exciting, handmade music by sympathetic people with a direct contact to their audience." (Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten)

"For friends of Irish and Scottish folk ... Glenfiddle were a special act that fascinated hundreds of people." (Kieler Nachrichten)

"An atmospheric Scottish-Irish mixture ... jigs, reels and traditionals of the best." (Bonner Illustrierte)

"... they play with a professional ease and present wonderful music with feeling and a love of the detail." (Saarlouiser Rundschau)

"The audience feels the natural charm and power of Irish folk, without any slipping down into cliches." (Lübecker Nachrichten)

"They present by the dozen beautiful ballads and songs inspired by folk - a wonderful mixture." (Ruhrpott Nachrichten)

"The ecstasy starts at the latest with the second Guinness!" (EBU's)

"Their ballads and folksongs are simply beautiful!" (Hifi Vision)

"... the result of cultural openness." (Seven)

"... an interesting mixture of folk, country and pop." (Oxmox)

"Peter is a perfect storyteller ... in style he is very similar to Mike Swann ... and you can forget all the worries of the world and get lost in the majesty of an artist at work." (Feedback)

"Peter Simon has his own style, but he reminds me of other great songwriters. And he needn't be afraid of the comparison." (Folksblatt)

"Great songs are played in a serene and simple way, so that it is a real pleasure. In the times of the poles of hyper-production and asceticism (keyword 'lowfi') this kind of folk-pop is extremely refreshening." (Westzeit) © 2005-2013                        contacto     downloads     fotografias     inglês    alemão